At BGFS we work with the very best suppliers in the Industry enabling us to deliver technology which is energy efficient, cost-effective in the long term, and manufactured to the highest standards, to view our complete product range click on the Reynaers logo below, for extra technical support on the web-site please contact BGFS and we will register you for the Reynaers Extranet additional support service.

BGFS, working closely with our partners Reynaers Aluminium, are proud to be pushing the boundaries of product quality and performance. All our products are tested to meet and exceed the European Standards for security, weather, resistance, thermal insulation, durability and noise reduction and have been installed in some of the most exposed locations in the world.

Carey Glass are the largest single-site glass processors in Europe with more than a million square-feet of processing facilities. The Company works with leading building envelope contractors to deliver high-quality, high-volume, made to specification glass products that really perform. Carey understand the demands of curtain wall construction and the importance of prompt, efficient service.

Greaney Glass are a leading processor and distributor of quality glass products to a variety of industry sectors throughout Ireland. Established in 1973, Greaneys operate from their head office in Carnmore, Co. Galway and have excellent  sales and support nationwide.


All of our products equal or exceed current building regulations. This not only ensures statutory compliance but also a warm ‘economical to run’ home that will maintain a strong residual sales value.